About Tiana

DSC_3786Tiana Taylor is an aspiring media professional. She graduated from San Diego State University  in May 2013.

Along with journalism, she took on a second major in political science. Her interests are  in both american and international politics. During the 2013 campaign season she interned for a local race for a seat in the California State Senate.

In addition to her passions for quality journalism and politics, Tiana is an avid traveler. In 2010 she spent her summer studying in Oxford, England. She was able to sit in on lectures from a handful of notable men in european politics including Sir Roger Bannister and Sir Jock Stirrup. She has traveled throughout Europe and Asia.
Also, Tiana is a huge NFL junkie. Every year she firmly believes that it will be the Charger’s uprising. Needless to say, her hopes have yet to come true.

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